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Alienware 13 Battery and ASUS N551J N551JK N551JQ N751J Battery

wdaqIn the game fans hearts, Alienware notebook has been the top performance and cool lamp shows, few people will take them and portability link. Recently a new alien has revolutionized the people cognition, it is Alienware 13, an alien history the most frivolous games this. The machine weighs only 2kg, even thinner and lighter than the early Alienware 11.

Performance of Alienware 13 standard, the fourth generation of core i5 processor, also equipped with NVIDIA GTX 860M high performance video card, game performance beyond the larger size of Alienware 14. I believe everyone of this compact portable professional game this have high expectations, today I bring you Alienware 13 games this evaluation.

Alienware 13 in appearance still maintained a style of design Alienware classic, lean, clean design throughout the entire fuselage. The representative of the Alienware light emitting LOGO combined with the corresponding light emitting lamp strip, and silver anodized metal fuselage, makes Alienware 13 looks more like Alienware 14 thin version.

Alienware 13 uses a 13.3 inch 1920 x 1080 resolution IPS anti glare screen, the visual angle is not only has the better, at the same time in the strong light can still comfortable viewing, for the game player is particularly important. In addition to the machine B and C sides also uses kind of skin texture, the feel is very good, the continuation of the Alienware focus on the details of the design style.

At the bottom of the fuselage also has a large area of heat radiating holes, also can see the twin turbo cooling fan bulky clear. In addition, Alienware 13 also has a quick dismantling area, can easily replace the memory and hard disk.

After the actual measurement data show, Alienware 13 machine thickness is only 26mm, and a $1 coin diameter roughly equivalent. While the Alienware 14 of the thickness of the body for 40mm, see Alienware 13 on the portability of the advantage is more apparent than, can more easily into the common backpack.

Alienware 13 measured bare weight is only 2.02kg, and add the power adapter weight is 2.68kg, with a good enough performance portability, we can regard it as a mainstream price 14 inch video originally carry work, game two not mistake.

The Alienware 13 is powered by a family classic game silent keyboards, while still retaining the cool Alien FX backlight lamp, controlled by the built-in Alien FX software can achieve a more personalized combination of lights. In addition, careful users may find that, in Alienware 13 back to the classic alien head boot key, which is located just above the keyboard, which will certainly be another Alienware old game player feel particularly cordial.

In addition, although Alienware 13 body design with a thin, but in order to make sure the game button comfort, the keyboard is still has a key range more deep, be just perfect feedback strength, machine hand and Alienware 14 almost no difference, the same size in the game is not find opponent.

Memory test, the testing machine equipped with a dual channel 16GB memory frequency is 1600MHz, the performance is quite good, respectively received more than mainstream laptop products level in the L1 cache, L2 cache, L3 cache, high-speed large capacity memory advantage.

The GT750M in the 3DMark 11 P mode test are P2689 scores, compared to the previous generation GT650M has a performance increase of around 20%, surpassing the previous generation GTX660M a little bit, flat and its performance.

We see Asus N551 using the 750GB Seagate hard, model is ST750LM000-1EJ16G, the maximum read and write speed reaches 110.4MB/s, the average speed of reading and writing in the 86.8MB/s, the overall read curve is more smooth, good performance.

May 13

Get to Know the Different Types of Computer

The technology has become more popular with the development of its latest inventions, computer is one of them. It has an ability to store and process the huge amount of data. You can rest your brain by employing the computer memory storage for information saving. They are able to achieve the higher processing needs and carry out the critical transaction with great accuracy and precision. In earlier times, the computers have the size of large room and need to consume large amount of electric power. With the advancement of technology, the size of computers have shrunk.

They have various types computer depending on their size, processing powers and area of use and based on the operational principle and classified as digital and analog. According to processing powers, it can be categorized as microcomputers and mainframe. Based on the usage, they grouped the laptops, tablets, windows downloads computers, personal digital assistants and many more. Here, we discuss about the different types of computers.

Digital Computers
These computers are designed to operate the two states namely 0 and 1 and use the digital circuits. These are analogous states OFF and ON. The data is represented as a series of 1s and 0s. Digital computers have higher processing speed and suitable for complex windows driver computation. These are programmable computers either can be special purpose computer and general purpose ones.

Analog Computers
These are almost lost today and different from digital computer because analog computer performs the several mathematical operation. These best mac software computers uses the continuous variables for mathematical operations and utilizes the electrical and mechanical energy.

Mainframe computers
Huge organizations use mainframe systems for highly critical application such as ERP and bulk data processing. They have a capacity to host several operating system and operate as a virtual machine.

A system with central processing unit and microprocessor is known as microcomputer. These windows driver systems do not occupy the space same as mainframes. When these are combined with a mouse and a keyboard, becomes a personal computers. A keyboard, a monitor and other input-output devices, computer memory, RAM and power supply come packaged in a microcomputer. These are smaller in size and can be fitted on tables and prove to the best for single-user tasks.

Desktop Computers
The desktop computer is used for a single location. The spare parts are rapidly available at lower costs. Power consumption is not critical as in laptop. These computers are vast popular for daily use in households and workspace.

These are similar as desktop computers, miniaturized and optimized for mobile use. These windows downloads systems run on an external adapter or single battery that charges the computer batteries. They have inbuilt touch pad, keyboard and liquid crystal display.

Tablets are the mobile computers which are handy to use and use the touch screen technology. They comes with the onscreen keyboards and use a stylus digital pen.

May 13

Alienware 14 17 18 Battery and ASUS N551M N751JK N751JM Battery

The extended Alienware 14 exclusive cards Wu volume: high (173.5 mm) Deep (409.55 mm) x width (185.5 mm), in the dock is built into the power of a 460W and graphics card slot, can support NVIDIA GTX 600 series and AMD Radeon HD 5000 series more than high performance desktop graphics. In addition, the docking station also has Alien FX lighting system. At present, the docking station also is in a predetermined state, then we will give specific test article, please look.

Have a quick dismantling area in Alienware 14 of the back, only need to unscrew the two screws on the memory, the hard disk can be replaced, cleaning is also very convenient. As can be seen from the graph, the Alienware 14 has a total of two memory slots, and the hard disk position using a metal stent for protection, and fully guarantee the stability of the body data. In addition Alienware 14 only a piece of notebook standard hard disk position, not allow mSATA interface or NGFF interface also allows the author slightly disappointed.

Flagship product often means is on the extreme pursuit of extreme, this is not only reflected in the performance, design, more important is reflected in the experience. Whether the display panel, comfortable wrist support keyboard touchpad high standard, or excellent audio output, hardware configuration, to achieve the ultimate, is nothing more than to give the user a best experience.

Alienware series has been paying attention to the experience of the products, after all, the price in that before, experience is not good will was the user to denounce. In all the experience, the keyboard and the touch control panel is the most direct contact with the user’s part, so that the keyboard and touchpad touch is good, wrist support or comfort, became the flagship products are one of the most attention place.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M Kepler 28nm chip based on GK104, is the GTX 780′s successor, has 1536 stream processors and 32 ROP unit, the 954MHz core frequency, and support dynamic acceleration technology, up to a maximum of 993MHz, 256bit and 160GB/s memory bandwidth of the memory interface.

GTX 880M still uses the Kepler architecture, so alone does not appear a revolutionary leap in performance. But can improve the performance of discrete graphics by increasing the stream processor and improve the core frequency, GTX 880M also supports up to 8GB GDDR5 memory. The book from the data perspective, GTX 880M no doubt in single card performance is still the best. The following is to have a look with the actual test results.

The fuselage also reserved disk expansion, m.2 SATA hard disk interface design in the drive below, can be extended. In addition, the existing mechanical hard disk in the lower position, open the metal cover, internal mSATA interface. In the storage equipment, room is very big, enough to toss all players.

ASUS N751J uses a Haswell architecture, Intel core i7-4710MQ processor, 22nm process frequency 2.5GHz, Rui frequency up to 3.5GHz. We use the CINEBENCH R11.5 and R15 CPU single core and multi-core test.This notebook with a piece of 128GB SSD, by AS SSD Benchmark to read and write speed tested.

May 13

Tips About Laptop Prices in Dubai UAE Abu Dhabi You Need To Know

Looking for a brand new portable computer? If you’re considering shopping for a brand new laptop, there are a unit several vital things that you just ought to think about before creating the ultimate buying call. Since there are a unit many alternative brands of laptops obtainable, it may be quite tough to form a selection on that one is that the best one for you. Portable computer worth isn’t the sole factor that you just ought to check out once shopping for one. Beside this, there also are alternative vital things like the portable computer options, specifications, size, etc. that you just ought to check out.
So, if you’re going to get a portable computer, you’ll terribly simply compare their costs on the net. With such a lot of on-line dealers of laptops obtainable in UAE, comparison their costs and essential options is not any longer a tough and time intense task.
Just a fast on-line search on Google with the keywords “laptops Dubai” can give you with a listing of dealer’s commerce laptops within the country. Allow us to check out a number of the popular brands of laptops and compare their costs.
Compaq Laptops – is one among the highest brands that area unit obtainable for purchase in UAE. These laptops area unit employed by an outsized variety of individuals across the globe and became extremely standard within the Indian market yet. The primary portable computer by Compaq that was referred to as Compaq transportable was introduced within the year 1983 and was obtainable at a worth of roughly AED 7000. Because the years slipped, Compaq laptops started changing into a lot of and more cost-effective and with the introduction of latest models, the alternatives became even large. Today, you’ll get a Compaq portable computer for as low as AED.1499 and therefore the costs go up to around AED 3000.
Dell Laptops – is additionally one among the leading complete names for laptops in UAE. Laptops factory-made by holler area unit designed in numerous classes so as to satisfy the wants of various users within the world. The exactitude and Latitude vary is specifically created for business purpose and for home use, individuals will invariably opt for the XPS or Inspiron vary. Holler laptops area unit created with leading edge technology and that they area unit priced within the vary AED.1700 – 3500.
Samsung Laptops – Samsung portable computer worth is absolutely reasonable. A basic Samsung portable computer may be purchased for as very little as AED.1500. But, these laptops have restricted options and area unit nice for home use. Alternative models from the Samsung complete may be purchased for the maximum amount as AED.2700. Laptops obtainable from Samsung area unit price effective and might be simply afforded by individuals.

May 13

ASUS PU551J Battery PK ASUS P550L P550LA Battery

Due to the new MacBook Pro 15 is running OS X system, so we take “Batman: the city of Agam” as the test standard. MacBook Pro 15 on the game screen is 1080P, only using the integrated Intel graphics cards can run at 39 frames per second. The P550L fared poorly in this test, the main reason is that developers usually do not target the workstation level graphics special optimization.

In addition to the picture color display precision, high resolution and also make the text look more clearly. And now we can finally enjoy a number of high quality 4K fragment on YouTube.

However, this high range screen on P550L impact. In the PCMark 8 battery test, it can only support 3 hours and 7 minutes of time of use. Under normal circumstances, we open a dozen pages, edit some pictures on Lightroom, watch 4K videos on YouTube, its use of time is only 4 hours and 9 minutes. Even if the activation power saving mode, its use time is only increased to 5 hours and 17 minutes.

Next, we use the famous 3D graphics engine Cinema 4D test software R11.5 based on the CPU test. In the Cinebench R11.5, the CPU scores of 7.13pts, scores perform better in the same type of notebook, desktop core eight threads are close to four of E3-1230V3 and Core i7 4770s processor, correspond with the product positioning mobile portal quad core i7.

Finally, we use the performance of the whole machine famous software PCMark7 ASUS PU551 test, the score of 5241, probably because of solid state disk addition, its achievement is very high, meet the home entertainment without problems.

GTX880M is the Kepler architecture of mobile flagship graphics card, which belongs to the GK104 core, and desktop GTX770/680 belonging to the twin brothers, have 1536 CUDA unit stream processor, but the frequency decrease.

In the thermal imager, positive temperature ASUS PU551 is OK, not the shaft outlet, the high temperature 50.4 degrees appear above the keyboard area, the keyboard has a central block 40 degrees high temperature area, small keyboard and wrist support section temperature pleasant. At the back, thermal imager clear of cooling system of P157SM die mapping out, each radiating form temperature is higher, the rest is cool.

ASUS PU551 ASUS family is a masterpiece, but power consumption GTX880M pressure makes the mold cooling slightly difficult, more successful overall designer. Its strong performance, good experience, decided the location of his excellent game this.

Intel Core i7 4700MQ has 4 core and through the hyper threading technology supports up to 8 threads. The processor core based on 22nm process, code named Haswell-MB, the initial frequency of 2.4GHz, support turbo technology, sharing the three level cache is 4MB.

May 13

Best Tips for Buying New Laptop

To buy a new laptop is a very confusing task for everyone. Here we take a discussion that how to purchase a new laptop. Basically the first thing to decide that it can do to fulfill your basic need. You can take help from your friend in this matter.

Decide Your Need
Firstly decide that what is your purpose behind to buy a laptop. If you are a student, your purpose will be for education. According to your work or job find out your requirements. It may be for fun like for spending free time, watching movies, playing games and doing something else, etc. If you are a programmer, working in an IT company or IT student, you will choose a good hardware configuration laptop. If once you decide your requirements, according to these requirements, you can choose hardware specification.

This is very important part of the laptop and whole working of the machine depends on this part. If you need a laptop for programming, gaming, or working on the Internet, you must buy a higher version processor laptop otherwise you can’t do perfect work or it can do slow your speed of working. There are the many types of processor available in the market. In these times Core i7 is the latest and the highest version among all processors. But this processor is expensive, apart from Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3 are also the latest version and these versions may be reasonable. If your requirements only for fun and normal education, then you should purchase Dual Core processor and this type of laptop not much expensive.

RAM is the primary memory of the laptop, the working speed of the machine also depends on this part, it is another very important part of the laptop. If you are working in the animation field or fond of playing games, RAM must be much enough. 2GB or 3GB RAM is normal in these days, but if you want to extend your laptop RAM, you can do this to pay some extra cost.

Hard Disk
It is the secondary memory of the laptop, it doesn’t affect the working speed, but the whole storage of the device depends on this part. The complete operating system is loaded in it and all data also stores. If you fond of watching movies, playing game, you should buy larger hard disk. Minimum 500 GB is normal in these days. Be careful and decide it according to your need, because it can’t extend in the laptop, but it can replace by paying extra cost.

In the market mainly two types of screen display are available, LCD and second one is LED display. LED is better than LCD, but more expensive in comparison of LCD. The features of LED is good, that’s why LED is better. Apart from it, one thing is more important that the size of the laptop depends on the screen size. So, choose better to keep your requirements in your mind.

Same as screen, two types of keyboard are available in the market, Numeric keyboard and the second one is without numeric key. If you are buying big screen size laptop, you will get Numeric keyboard automatically. This will not affect the cost of the laptop.

Graphic Cards
Graphic Cards are optional. If you are working as a game developer or fond of game playing, you will buy laptop with graphics. According to your need, you can extend graphics like 1,2 and 3 GB. It may make expensive your machine, but the qualities of images, videos and visual effects will fantastic.

USB Ports
Minimum three USB port should be in you laptop, that much is your desire. So, find according to your desire.

Operating System
Operating System is an operator which operates your machine. It should be the latest version of that OS, which is purchased by you. You can load aother OS after purchasing.

Extra features
A good laptop should be slim as well as light weighted and complete body of the machine in one color which is of your choice.

Now this time to match the cost, from you desire cost. If it is getting in the range of your desire cost or in less, you should to buy it, otherwise you can search online with any discount or may change company of the product, still work not be done, then you may think about to extend your desire cost, because if you are getting a good product, it would be not a bad deal.

Warranty and Accessories
Before purchasing, confirm about warranty, it should be of minimum one year and more. Some company gives you scheme that you can extend the warranty by paying some extra money. Besides warranty you must confirm about all accessories such as charger, carry bag, etc.
In the last collect your purchasing bill and make sure that it is original.

Now you can understand your need and find out your requirements. Henceforth you can go in your desire showroom or buy online and do fulfill needs.

May 13

ASUS ROG GL551JK GL551JM Battery Pk ASUS PU550CA Battery

Powermark multimedia test mode, for audio and video playback function of comprehensive testing, battery life is 2 hours and 18 minutes. 128GB X2 SSD solid state drive is to use SATA transmission interface. The CrystalDiskInfo software can be seen in the two SSD solid state disk, use SATA III transmission interface. Measured by the CrystalDiskMark read and write performance for 794.3/659.2 MB/s (read / write), in the 4K QD32 test mode, there is also 431.9/456.1 MB/s (read / write) performance.

ATTO Disk measured by the Benchmark read and write performance for 942981/678802 MB/s (read / write).Parkdale sequential read and write performance for 757.6/626.2 MB/s (read / write). AS SSD Benchmark software to test the measured efficiency for reading and writing 810.41/622.84 MB/s (read / write), efficiency scores for the Raid 0 architecture of the hard disk configuration was obtained by the 1615 points, in the 4K-64Thrd test mode, the measured 507.89/538.19 MB/s (read / write).

The lower right corner of the 1TB HDD hard disk is 7200RPM hard disk speed, also uses the SATA III transmission interface. CrystalDiskInfo can see the 1TB HDD hard disk for the 7200RPM and SATA III transmission interface. The measured CrystalDiskMark hard disk read and write performance for 138.6/128.8 MB/s (read / write).

ATTO Disk Benchmark hard disk read and write speed of 133108/127220 MB/s (read / write). The test of Parkdale hard disk performance is obtained sequential read and write speed is 131.9/113.1 MB/s (read / write). Near the front of the fuselage left and right sides is provided with a built-in stereo speakers.

This way can also see a detachable device is the use of SATA interface. Double cooling fan configuration with the same PU550CA, even the heat pipe design is the same, basically is no change. The small devil test area of environmental temperature is 24.1 degrees, to the laptop system stability test in this environment temperature. System stability test functions in AIDA 64, small make up is in high efficient power management mode, and check the hard disk and GPU pressure test options, in the standby after about one minute, HDD hard disk temperature of 29 degrees, CPU processor temperature is 30 degrees, as the core temperature is 50 degrees between the 47~.

The heat dissipation holes in the fuselage rear left, in the standby after about one minute, the temperature is increased to 37.8 degrees. Test software operation after about 30 minutes, you can see the CPU temperature is maintained at 30 degrees, and the hard disk temperature once rose to 30 degrees, but finally returned to 29 degrees, as for CPU the core temperature is between 87~ to 89 degrees. The heat dissipation holes located at the left rear of the temperature increase to 57.8 degrees, the heat dissipation effect is fairly good, but also because the radiating holes are located behind, the use of so more will not affect the actual keyboard and wrist.

According to the Sky Diver test patterns game laptops and personal computer in order to design, compatible with the DX11 environment, the measured efficiency score is 20766 points, efficiency rankings and above the same performance test, the fraction of the gap is almost. Finally saw for high performance Fire Strike test model for a special personal computer game design, also compatible with DX11 game environment, the measured efficiency score is 8297 points, efficiency rankings also and above the same, but can see the effectiveness of the fraction of the gap significantly reduced.

Finally, to have a look burn-in test software GPU, used for Geek3D FurMark, the GPU-Z software can be seen in the standby real GPU temperature of 51 degrees. The use of test software in Full HD 1920 X 1080 full screen mode, burn in 15 minutes, the system will be the highest temperature controlled at 88 degrees.

The power input terminal and the radiating holes are located in the left side of the fuselage. It also can be seen in Mini DisplayPort V1.2, HDMI v1.4 terminal, can support a maximum of three screen output. Finally is the RJ-45 cable network terminal and the two group USB 3 port.

May 11

Object Oriented Database Management and Its Benefits

Object Oriented Database Management and its Benefits
With Object Oriented Database (OODB) a business gets all the facilities related to object oriented paradigm. An object-oriented database management system (OODBMS) is a database to support the creation and modeling of data as objects. OODBMS also encompasses support for classes of objects and the inheritance of class properties and it includes methodologies, subclasses and their objects. Furthermore, many of the object databases provide some sort of query language that allows objects to be found through a declarative programming tactic.

Its ability to cut down some of the major expenses that are associated with systems is a principal benefit of object oriented database management system. This comes about in the following ways:

Lesser maintenance – The chief purpose of object-oriented development is the promise that the system will have a longer life and also have significantly lesser costs than a relational database management system. As most of the processes in the OODBMS are encapsulated, the behaviors can be used again and integrated with new behaviors.

Real world modeling – An object oriented system characteristically models the real world factors for a business in a more comprehensive way than do the conventional methods. The model is based on objects instead of data and processing.

Better reliability and flexibility – OODBMS has been made to be more reliable than conventional systems basically because of the new behaviors that can be built from existing objects. As objects can be actively called and accessed, it is feasible to create new objects at any time. The new objects may inherit data traits from one, or several other objects. Behaviors can be inherited through super-classes and novel behaviors can be added without impacting the system functions that already exist.

High code reusability – Whenever a new object is formed, it will automatically take over the data attributes and the traits of the class from which it was generated. The new object will also take over the data and behaviors from all super-classes wherein it participates. If a user creates a new kind of widget, the new object has new behaviors that are defined into the system.

Objects in an OODBMS are able to accumulate a random number of minuscule types as also other objects. It is therefore feasible to have a bigger class that holds multiple medium sized classes which in turn also hold many smaller classes ad infitum. As against this, in a relational database, this needs to be done either by having one large table with several null fields or through numerous smaller, normalized tables that are linked through foreign keys. Having many smaller tables is still an issue as a join needs to be performed each time you need to question data based on the €has-a’ relationship between the entities. Furthermore, an object is a superior model of the real word entity as compared to the relational tuples when it comes to complex objects.

Another advantage of object oriented database management systems comes from the fact that data in the real world typically has hierarchical characteristics. The well known €employee’ example that is used in many RDBMS texts is simpler to describe in an OODBMS than in RDBMS. An Employee may be a Manager or not, this is normally done in an RDBMS by having a type identifier field or creating another table that uses foreign keys to specify the relationship between Managers and Employees. In OODBMS, the Employee class simply becomes a parent class of the Manager class.

Unlike an RDBMS, a query language is not essential to access data from OODBMS because interaction with the database is done by transparently accessing objects. Nevertheless, queries can be used in an OODBMS.

May 11

The Significance of Graph Databases for Business Organizations

As simple representation of set with linked objects, we have used graph sheets for mathematics and science our school. Basically, a graph is just a collection of vertices and edges – or a set of nodes and relationships that connect them. Graphs symbolize entities as nodes and the way in which those entities relate to the world as relationships. With this general-purpose expressive structure, we can model different kinds of scenarios which may be construction of a space rocket, a system of roads, a supply chain, a medical history of populations or any other setting.

Graphs are very helpful in comprehending the large variety of datasets in domains like science, governance and business. The real world, unlike the forms-based model behind the relational database, is varied and interrelated: uniform and rule-bound in some parts, exceptional and irregular in others.

A number of projects and products to manage, process, and analyze graphs have exploded onto the scene in recent years. As these technologies continue to increase, it is becoming more difficult for businesses to keep track of the relevant tools and the different ways in which they can help. The graph space can be broadly divided into two parts:

1- Technologies that are primarily employed for transactional online graph persistence and are often accessed directly in real time from an application – These are called graph databases and are the equivalent of €normal’ online transactional processing (OLTP) databases in the relational world.

2- Technologies that are primarily employed for offline graph analytics, typically performed as a series of batch steps – These technologies are called graph compute engines. They can be thought of as being in the same group as other technologies for analysis of data in bulk, such as data mining and online analytical processing (OLAP).

A business works in the pragmatic world of budgets, project timelines, corporate standards and standardized skill sets. What are the practical benefits of using graph databases as a data modeling technique? The motivation actually comes as use cases and data patterns whose performance improves by one or more orders of magnitude if executed in a graph, and whose latency is quite low when compared to group processing of aggregates. Graph databases also provide a really flexible data model, and a mode of delivery aligned with modern agile software delivery practices. These three benefits are explained in little more detail below:


As against relational databases, where join-intensive query performance goes down as the dataset gets bigger, with a graph database performance tends to stay relatively constant, even with the growth of dataset. This is because queries are localized to a part of the graph. Consequently, the execution time for each query is relative only to the size of the part of the graph traversed to satisfy that query, and not the size of the overall graph.


Your developers and data architects want to link data as the domain prescribes thereby letting structure and schema to appear together with the growing understanding of the problem space instead of being imposed upfront when they hardly know anything about the real shape and complexities of data. Graph databases directly address this need. Graphs are naturally additive – you can add new kinds of relationships, new nodes and new sub-graphs to a current structure without disturbing existing queries and application functionality. Such things have generally positive implications for developer productivity and project risk.


You want to be able to evolve your data model in step with the rest of your application, using a technology aligned with today’s incremental and iterative software delivery practices. Modern graph databases equip your data architects to perform frictionless development and graceful systems maintenance. Particularly, the schema-free nature of the graph data model, paired with the testable nature of a graph database’s application programming interface (API) and query language, empowers you to evolve an application in a controlled way.

Making it easier to develop applications and manipulate your graph models, graph databases do become important guides for your business operations and strategies.

May 10

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