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2 Easy Ways to Update Windows 10 to the Latest Version

October 29, 2018

Before you upgrade to various upgrades and with excellent performance, you will see that there are several things that must be considered and reviewed before using the latest edition. Now in this article I try to provide a tutorial to upgrade easily. However, there are some users who do not receive updates or upgrades for Windows 10. This may be due to the following factors:

The automatic update feature is turned off
You will not use the latest software
Viruses or threats that delete files that are upgraded to Windows 10
Your computer specifications do not meet the requirements or requirements

If your computer has the following minimum specifications:

Minimum specification specifications
OS Windows 7 SP1 / 8.1
CPU with 1 GHz speed
1GB (32 bit) & 2GB (64 bit) RAM
Hard disk space is available 16 GB
DirectX 9
Downloads require an internet account and an account from Microsoft

For those of you who can’t update Windows 10, you don’t need to worry and worry about it. Because on this occasion I will explain how you can do to upgrade to Windows 10 manually and certainly free for you to try.

Note: Before you update, it’s good to back up all the data on your computer to prevent something you might not want.

Here are two ways you can do to upgrade your Windows 10 for free:

# 1. How to Fix Windows 10 using the Media Creaton Tool

First of all, first download the Media Creaton Tool. Set a bit system using a computer
After the download is complete, please open the setup. Then you will find a question along with two answer choices. Please select the first option “Upgrade PC now” then select Next to proceed to the next stage.
After you click the Next button, downloading Windows 10 will run immediately, and you just need to wait until it’s finished.
After the download is complete, you will go to the next stage of installing Windows 10 on your computer and will get permission to do so. Please install as usual.
After that, the latest Windows 10 is installed on the computer that you have, for more information : north lakes computer repair

# 2. Take Windows 10 Upgrade Notifications with this one way

First of all, please click on the Start Menu, then in the search column type the word “Windows Update” then open the program.
Note the internal link on the left and you will find the Change setting, then click the link.
Change your settings to the following image, then click OK.
Then restart your computer.
Then open windows update again.
Then click Check for update, and wait for windows to look for updates for your computer.
When it’s finished you will be able to restore the computer. Then please refill the computer.
Then the Windows version upgrade notification will appear again.

That’s what I can say on this occasion about 2 Easy Ways to Update Windows 10 to the Latest Version.